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Transportation / Conference venue


  1. Transportation to the Prague Airport / Vienna airport
  2. Transportation from the Prague Airport / Vienna airport to Bratislava by train
  3. Transportation from Bratislava to Žilina by train –  for more information, follow this link
  4. From Žilina to Rajecké Teplice – public transport, for more information follow this link

Conference venue

 The conference will take place in the hotel Aphrodite Palace.

Osloboditeľov 131/4
013 13 Rajecké Teplice
Slovak Republic

The spa town Rajecké Teplice is located in the southern part of the Rajec Basin, in the forest valley of the Rajčianka river, in Strážovské vrchy and the Malá Fatra mountains. The history of the spa town Rajecké Teplice dates back to 1376, when it was known as Villa Tapolcha (the village Teplice). Thanks to the extensive reconstruction of the spa in the late 20th century, the baths have been used not only for therapeutic purposes but also for relaxation and wellness stays. The balneological centre Aphrodite provides various therapeutic procedures  (classic hydrotherapy, thermal, tub and whirlpool baths, electrotherapy, wraps, steam baths, solarium, relaxation and exercises among them) for treatment of inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the locomotive organs, joints, spine, nervous system, neurological, psychological and vocational diseases. When visiting Rajecké Teplice, we recommend a walk around the Swan lake with its fountains, stone sculptures and fishing bastion.